Capability Description Available?
Multiple Domains Allows your organization to add and manage accessibility reporting for multiple domains.
WCAG 2 Level AA Level AA compatibility for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act compliance requirements.
Automated Website Scraping Regular automated audits of the website generate accessibility reports by web scraping each domain.
Detailed Accessibility Reports Accessibility reports highlighting outstanding issues are generated and navigable through an intuitive dashboard. High-level Red-Amber-Green status charts are available for aggregated domain and page levels to quickly surface and visualize high-priority areas.
Site Hierarchy Organize each domain by its site hierarchy organized by page URL structure.
Webpage Thumbnails The thumbnail of each page is available in the detailed report so that you can visually identify the content quickly. This is displayed alongside a detailed compliance report.
Reasonable Page Limits By default, page limits are imposed per domain to avoid infinite loops arising from special cases such as "next-calendar-month" links. These can be increased on a per-domain basis in consultation with the client.
The dashboard gives you high-level insights into the accessibility of your web properties and the ability to get detailed information on each domain.
ACHECKS Dashboard Screenshot
At the domain level, you can see a listing and status of domain pages along with handy search and filter capabilities.
ACHECKS Domain Screenshot
The report summary gives you the overall picture of the identified issues with the web page.
ACHECKS URL Summary Screenshot

Specific errors are displayed within the errors tab including the line and column number of the occurrence on the page, the actual code that is at issue, and a recommendation on how to fix it. A detailed explanation on the class of error is also immediately available.
ACHECKS URL Errors Screenshot

Certain classes of problems are likely errors but are hard to verify in an automated system. In these cases, the verify tab is populated with an explanation of the issue and a helpful guide to determine if the problem is an error or not.
ACHECKS URL Verify Screenshot

The system also identifies potential problems that can also help service issues while not necessarily being strict errors.
ACHECKS URL Warnings Screenshot